IMG_0580Here’s where you can give to The Carolyn Held Memorial Fund

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You can also support George directly:  If you have extra to share, you are welcome to contribute to George’s food, camping and equipment expenses. These donations are not tax deductible. However, they do help offset the cost of George being on the road for 48 days, working to raise funds for the Carolyn A Held Memorial Fund.



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George Maurer, 111B Island Avenue West, Minneapolis, MN 55401


48 x 48 Video Journal Days 13-19

48 Across the 48 Journal Days 13 to 19

With a bicycle that generates electricity, how can you not use an iPhone all you want to document the journey of a lifetime?  Enjoy these scenes of Days 13 to 19 bicycling 3600 miles from Seattle to Boston to raise funds for cancer research at the Mayo Clinic.

Day 19 is a day off here in Glendive, MT. Haircuts, laundry, bike repairs, steaks and cold beer and firewood for the campfire tonight, and…oh yeah…here’s my 3rd video journal of sights and scenes from the past several days.

Enjoy, friends, and you inspire me beyond words, with your support for this trip, and your contributions to the Carolyn Held Memorial Fund.

I’ll keep pedaling!