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48 Across the 48 Journal: A Musical Conversation with Philip Aaberg, Part 1

48 Across the 48 Journal: Philip Aaberg, Part 2

One of my all-time favorite pianists, Philip Aaberg, resides in Chester, MT.  I coveted all his Windham Hill releases while in college, and was pleased to discover him, a couple years ago, living and composing back in his hometown of Chester, MT, after having built an impressive national and international reputation as a performer and composer while based in the Bay area for many years.

Here, Philip “breaks down” one of my favorite compositions of his, Westbound (from the LP High Plains), showing me how he creates the effect of the powerful and omnipresent sound of the constant east and westbound trains that ply the hi-line of Montana (route of the former Great Northern Railroad, built by JJ Hill back in the late 1800’s).  Later on that eve, camped out in my tent in the city park, I heard the haunting calls of the great Burlington Northern trains pass throughout the night, falling asleep to their insistent rhythms and to the music of Philip Aaberg in my head.

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